Carts should only be for buying Credit Points or veg, but not both together.

Credit Points Purchasing

10 Credits

Price: HK$ 10.00

Product details

100 Credits

Price: HK$ 100.00

Product details

1000 Credits

Price: HK$ 1,000.00

Product details

200 Credits

Price: HK$ 200.00

Product details

50 Credits

Price: HK$ 50.00

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500 Credits

Price: HK$ 500.00

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Step by Step guide / IMPORTANT INFO


This requires some information about you and a contact email. (We do not ask you for and store sensitive personal information such as your HKID on our server.)


Step 2: Purchase Credit Points  ( You can't order credits and vegetables in the same transaction.)
You can pay online with a credit card (through Paypal's secure server) or in some schools you can pay cash (talk to your school). If you use cash, the credits will take time to clear.


Step 3: Buy veg
Know the delivery day and system for your school and make your order before the cutoff time for the next delivery. All vegetables are paid for with credits from your online account.


Any refunds for vegetables that are not available are made in credits to your account.


We can only deliver to partner schools. Customers who have a relationship with one of our partner schools can join if they can arrange pick up of the veg from that school. If so follow the steps below to order veg!

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