Youth Orchestra

Hong Kong Music Talent OrchestraHong Kong Music Talent OrchestraOur Music Talent Orchestra started in Lee Siu Yam Memorial School in Sai Kung, a local Hong Kong primary school in Sai Kung.  The school serves a diverse mix of Chinese and overseas families.  In building our orchestra we therefore worked to ensure that it reflects the school community and welcomes students of all backgrounds.  Our inclusive philosophy of student membership is built around love and appreciation of music rather than prior musical experience and aptitude.   Music is an important part of the way forward to build a better respect for the environment.  Central to music is harmony, and humankind dearly needs better harmony with our earthly environment.  The MTO has already supported the internationally renowned Kenji Williams in his performance of Bella Gaia and we hope to work further with Kenji and other like-minded organizations in the future.

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